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Monday, July 26, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Deals: Summer time sales

The old joke in Seattle is that summer begins on July 5th. Only it's not a joke. FINALLY, just as we're starting to get our warm days, the summer blow-out sales start sizzling. For instance, I was at Target this week and they are clearancing all their outdoor summer items now.

I'm not usually a Sears shopper, but there is one in my office building and every once in a while, I check out the sale rack. Literally, all the summer kids clothes were on the clearance rack which was highly marked down, plus an additional 40% off. I found some really cute Carters items for my daughter for next summer. All 3 items pictured cost a grand total of $8.37 (without tax). Buying for next season can really save you money. Yes, you have to store the items, but I keep a plastic bin in my garage with the kids "next" sizes up. Makes it super easy to keep track. Enjoy finding some good summer deals out there!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Deals: Craigslist

Lately, I'm starting to think there is nothing I can't find on Craigslist. Recently, I took my dining room Crate and Barrel rug to Goodwill. We only have one eating area - dining room and breakfast room combined, so the kids had really stained this poor rug to the point of embarrassment. So I promised myself that this time I would find a rug on a dime so when it gets ruined, I wouldn't care. And here it is. It's not fancy, but I won't be sad if a pizza drops on it!

Pottery Barn Jute rug off Craigslist for $40. Tags still on and in the original bag.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Discount: 30% off Gap Adult Purchases

It's a sliding sale...
30% off discount 7/12/10 only
25% off discount 7/13-7/14/10
20% off discount 7/15/10

GAPSAVENOW at checkout