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Monday, July 11, 2011

Bangles/Bracelets & a Discount at BR, Gap & Old Navy

Bangles, bracelets - whatever you want to call them are hot right now. Key is the more mis-matched the better. Run to Target or similar and buy a cheap set metallic bangles. Ones with a colored bracelet mixed in are great.

Then pair with a leather bracelet - the one shown is $19.50 at BR before the 25% discount below.

Then grab an old watch or a new watch - something to mix it up. You can also add charm bracelets too.

Through July 12, 2011 - online only purchases through the collective BR, Gap & ON sites - 25% off entire order. Use Code BRONGAP25.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Microtrend: Colorful Clutches

I love clutches. And right now, we are seeing them in lots of bright colors - also called a microtrend. Personally, orange is a favorite of mine. Head over to Bags Bonanza and bid on any bag you want. This Lauren Merkin orange clutch is $50 OBO. The same one on eBay is selling for $75.

I will have to do another entire post on buying used. I just bought a gorgeous pair of Hive and Honey shoes on eBay for $15.99.